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Visual Storytelling Format
What is Newsroom AI?
Newsroom AI empowers top brands, publishers, and creators
to ideate in the Web Series format.
Execution Process
Campaign Brief >> Mock Creation >> Defining Audience and Publishers >>
Approvals >> Advertiser’s Platform Access & Reporting.
Why Newsroom AI?
  • Consumer
  • Skyrocketing
  • Result-driven
  • Brand-building
  • Fully-scaled
  • World-class
  • Global Reach
  • Higher
    and Interaction
  • Brand Safety
Newsroom AI Offerings
Drive meaningful engagement across the consumer decision journey.
In-Feed Ad Format
This format extends to the full height of the screen, creating an immersive experience similar to social media stories.
Landing Page Experience
Brand stories can be distributed across any social network or amplified using native or display ads.
An immersive 360-degree experience that enables your audience to consume stories
without leaving the page they’re on.
Assisted Content Marketplace
What is Accelerate?
Accelerate aims to create content at scale by acting as an assisted content marketplace.
Execution Process
Fill Brief >> Approve Freelancer >> Platform Onboarding >> First Draft Content >> Iterations and Feedback >> Content Revision >> Content Approval
Why Accelerate?
  • Achieve publishing
  • Never run
    out of words
  • Dedicated
    account manager
  • Create
    original content
Accelerate Offerings
Content Creation Made Easy
  1. Website Content
  2. Blogs and SEO Content
  3. Social Media Content
  4. Video Scripts
  5. Landing Page Content
  6. Press Releases
  7. Newsletters and Emailers
  8. Articles and Listicles
  9. Product Notes
  10. Indian Language Translations
  11. E-books and E-guides
  12. Whitepapers
  13. Case Studies
  14. Company Profile
Stories Beyond Personal Devices
What is AdOnMo?
AdOnMo is India’s first contextually targeted Digital Out Of Home Advertising (DOOH) medium.
Why AdOnMo?
  • Geo-targeting
  • Data-integrated
  • Measurable
  • Audience
  • Reach Digital
    and Non-Digital
  • Brand Recall
  • Cost-effective
  • Property
  • Licensed
    Video Library
  • Videos
  • Legal
  • Timely
AdOnMo Offerings
Create Engagement through Digital OOH
  1. Large 32 inch Digital Media
  2. Dynamic, Static, and HTML enabled content
  3. Captive Audiences
  4. Premium and Appealing Design
  5. 20% Screentime – High Utility
Celebrate Captured UGC Moments
What is Jukin Media?
Jukin Media discovers, acquires, and distributes brand-safe videos for powerful storytelling.
Execution Process
Global Content Discovery >> Acquisition and Clearance >> Proprietary Platform >> Customized
Why Jukin Media?
  1. Licensed video library
  2. 70K + videos
  3. Legal clearance
  4. Timely delivery
Jukin Media Offerings
A premium content partner for the world’s biggest brands and agencies.
  1. UGC Video Discovery Platform
  2. Custom Research and Clearance Services
  3. Production and Distribution
  4. Internet Monitoring
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